Active Birth Workshop Videos

Welcome to the Active Birth Workshop videos.  They add up to one hour of instruction and are split into 5 parts.    All of them have ideas to help you manage the sensations of labour and to train up your birth partner to help you to do that too.

It’s best to watch with your birth partner and stop the video at each new technique to have a go at it before moving on with the video, that way you are likely remember more.  It’s always good to practice the technique before you’re in labour, then if you want to use it in labour you’ll get better at it sooner.

I have tried to credit where I got the ideas from at all times and am sorry if I’ve missed anyone out.

I very much hope you find the videos useful…

The first one describes labour and describes why being upright and mobile is important

The second one shares techniques which often help women to manage labour without drugs

The third one looks specifically at using the Rebozo in for relaxation and childbirth

The fourth one encourages slowing down breathing during birth to help avoid hyperventilating

The fifth one chats about creating and maintaining the environment to encourage the hormones which make labour progress work

I very much hope you find these videos helpful.



10 thoughts on “Active Birth Workshop Videos

  1. These videos are brilliant, and Midwife Jude is just excellent. I found them while looking for info on Rebozo techniques. I am a Melbourne GP and LC who acts as a makeshift doula for my daughters, several of whom are expecting this year! So thanks for the tips and keep up the good work.

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  2. Dear Jude,

    Thanks so much for such a great workshop today at the Barkantine, we picked up so many helpful tips and techniques, that I feel much more confident about being able to manage pain during labour in a drug free way. It’s so useful to be able to refer back to these videos too, and to be privy to an experienced perspective such as yours, which is something that isn’t always available on the NHS. Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to coming to give birth at the Barkantine in the new year!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with such calm clarity and wisdom.
    I’m at 40 weeks with my first, and I’ve watched all of your videos more than once in the last week, as has my partner. We have an old sheet ripped up and ready to go as our own makeshift rebozo when the time comes!
    Your videos are such a refreshing change from so many of the hyped-up videos on you tube, I’m going to be sharing them with all the pregnant women I know.
    Thanks again. I’m so glad I found your YouTube videos, you’ve given me such confidence.


  4. Dear Jude,
    I am putting together a virtual childbirth education class for use during this quarantine. I normally teach rebozo work, pregnancy exercises and labor positioning and massage with my doula clients and childbirth students. I’ve made some videos of various pregnancy exercises so I can share these links with students who take my class. But I’m looking for some good rebozo work to share and I think your rebozo segment is excellent. I’m wondering if I can have your permission to use it to share with students just during the quarantine. After it lifts, I’ll record my own demos with clients to use for a future quarantine!

    If you prefer I do not use your work, I fully understand and will not do so.

    I hope that you are well, wherever you are!


    1. Hi Janet,

      I am happy for anyone to use these videos and I want it to remain free to everyone. Please go ahead and share, so long as people aren’t paying to see it. Too many couples are missing out on antenatal education because it is unavailable in their area due to service cuts. Private antenatal classes are out of financial reach of many which is why I love this to be shared, I’m sure this information helps increase chances of a more positive birth experience with fewer interventions.



  5. I was fortunate to attend one of Jude’s active birth classes back in 2017 for my first baby and then used the videos in preparation for my second labour in April 2020. They were so helpful for both myself and partner. The techniques really helped me in preparation for labour and throughout the process. The breathing techniques helped keep me focused and calm throughout and also meant I didn’t need any pain relief as I was able to breathe through the surges. I always recommend these videos to any pregnant friends and their birthing partners. Thanks Jude.


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