Active Birth Workshop Videos

Welcome to the Active Birth Workshop videos.  They add up to one hour of instruction and are split into 5 parts.    All of them have ideas to help you manage the sensations of labour and to train up your birth partner to help you to do that too.

It’s best to watch with your birth partner and stop the video at each new technique to have a go at it before moving on with the video, that way you are likely remember more.  It’s always good to practice the technique before you’re in labour, then if you want to use it in labour you’ll get better at it sooner.

I have tried to credit where I got the ideas from at all times and am sorry if I’ve missed anyone out.

I very much hope you find the videos useful…

The first one describes labour and describes why being upright and mobile is important

The second one shares techniques which often help women to manage labour without drugs

The third one looks specifically at using the Rebozo in for relaxation and childbirth

The fourth one encourages slowing down breathing during birth to help avoid hyperventilating

The fifth one chats about creating and maintaining the environment to encourage the hormones which make labour progress work

I very much hope you find these videos helpful.




Welcome to where you can find all sorts of techniques, ideas, tips and suggestions for Active Birth and beyond.

I know first hand the life-long benefits of positive birth experience and hope to share what I’ve learned from lots of doula training, study days, conferences as well as my years as a midwife.

The media largely portrays birth as dangerous and frightening.  Whilst health services are currently disproportionately obsessed with its associated risk.  There is an alternative birth narrative, that of birth being a normal bodily function that generally works very well given the right environment and a lack of unnecessary intervention…however that doesn’t get enough air time.

This site aims to give air time to the alternatives.  Here’s hoping for more positive and empowering birth experiences.